Mikael Godée

Mikael Godée, soprano saxophonist and composer living in Gothenburg

Studies at the Academy of Music and Drama at Gothenburg University and has been touring with his music all over the world. “Mikael Godée is one of the main ingredients of what we call the Swedish jazz. His involvement in groups Corpo and Änglaspel, where his lyrical and warm soprano saxophone creates a unique musical atmosphere, has been hugely important in today’s jazz scene. Mikael also won a Swedish Grammy and the price “Jazz in Sweden”.

”The group’s (Corpo) leading figure is the soprano saxophonist Mikael Godée. With a soft, often chromatic voice in his melodies, he adds a lot of the Nordic sound to the group. That’s not to say that he reminds a lot about Jan Garbarek and the sacred Norwegian songs, patented by the record company ECM. Rather, Godée joins the jazz with a more earthly melancholic expression”

”Corpo. Their musical genre is jazz and improvisation with a touch of Swedish folklore and the “Nordic sound” , known for the beautiful melodies. All of their music is based on original compositions by Mikael Godée”

“MEQ. One of the finest European jazz experiences of the moment: the combination of Belgian pianist Eve Beuvens and the Swedish saxophonist Mikael Godée. Two master chefs at work!” – Leuven Jazz Festival

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